Amanda is affiliated with the following companies. Please support the arts!

KW Glee


KW Glee is a pop show choir in Waterloo Region. The group is comprised of over 100 young singers who performer Top 40 songs and classic hits twice per year at various theatres. Amanda Kind is the Vocal Director for KW Glee.

KW Musical Productions


KW Musical Productions (KWMP) has been providing opportunities for residents of Waterloo Region to experience and participate in high quality musical theatre since 1948.

One For The Wall


Photographer Hilary Gauld-Camilleri views life through a lens that sees straight to the heart; it’s no surprise that her photography illuminates the unique spirit of each client. Hilary is the official photographer for KW Glee and is one of the most sought after corporate, family and commercial photographers in Canada. She is a great choice for actor headshots, musician and band photos and more.